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Matchmaster Game
Matchmaster Game
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Matchmaster Game

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MatchMaster is a fun tactic card game! The object of the game is to predict how many tricks one can win, depending on the cards in hand. Players get bonus points for good predictions and penalty points for wrong ones.

You'll find the cards offer you four colors of suits and are numbered 1-13. Orange is your "trump" suit, which means that in the event of a tying number, the orange suit wins! All other suits are considered equal.

You play 13 hands of varying amounts of cards (see instructions). The first dealer deals out 7 cards. Each round of the hand, the players all try to "trump" the first card played out. If you have a card of the same suit, you MUST play it! Try to get a higher number in the same suit (this will earn you points at the game's midpoint for each round you managed to get the highest card).

What if you don't have a card of the same suit? You can either play an orange trump card of an equal or higher number, or you must discard one card (meaning you cannot win this round).

At the beginning of the game, you will make a prediction about how many rounds you think you can win during each hand (for the first hand, for example, you could win up to seven rounds). You'll earn points for making the correct prediction, but you could actually end up with negative points if you do not win the exact number of rounds you predicted!

After each hand is dealt, you get to predict again how many rounds you will win.

If you do not think you can win any with the cards you are dealt, you CAN predict you will not win--and you may earn 10 points if you are right! But be careful, because if you accidentally win a round, you will lose points for each round you win!

MatchMaster Card Game
  • Card game in which prediction beats luck
  • Encourages skills in strategy, prediction, and tactics
  • Cards come in four colored suits (orange is the trump color; all other suits are equal)
  • You will play 13 hands
  • Predict how many rounds you will win before starting each hand
  • Lose points for winning more or fewer rounds than you predicted
  • Gain points for winning exactly as many hands as you predict
  • You can even win points for predicting you will not win ANY rounds--if you are RIGHT!
  • For players ages 8 to 99 years
  • Number of players: 2 to 7 Players
  • 30 min game time
  • Family / Travel Game
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Includes: 52 Cards, 50 wooden sticks, game rules
  • You will need from home: pencil and paper
  • Made in Poland